About us

High Quality Production in Los Angeles and Lavia.
Our own experiences and the will to change something have driven us to develop clothes that are not only fun in their functionality in sports. Our brand is as individual as the wearer, with appealing designs, represent your inner strength to the outside, not only in the gym, especially in your free time and in everyday life. With our motto as a logo you will be reminded of your beginnings and at the same time motivated, to get the best out of you, day after day!
A method that works wonders, because our motto is in visible places, so that the bearer with our company name becomes one and starts to live it. Nervousness and negative thinking should be a thing of the past, your mind will drive your body to peak performance.
We do not know what goals you are pursuing or what plans you have. Is it in sports, at work or in private life. Therefore, we only give you this one advice: to achieve all that you dream of, iron willpower is necessary!
Check your will, check your inner strength! Sport is the ideal scale.
Go running, climb mountains and defy icy winds. Instead of checking Likes on Facebook and Instagram in the morning, start the day with 10 pushups. Grow beyond yourself, change your habits and become the one you always wanted to be.
Carry on, even if the body can no longer - this is the test of your mind and your life.
Your attitude and mindset are the best training partner and key to success.
That's how we live our brand ...
Limits only exist in your head